Most people who live in the countryside is hard to accept some thing that is considered new,moreover, it involves the transfer of technology from manual to modern. Perhaps this is one reason why a lot of the work that should be more effective to be constrained,Thus arose an interest of friends to identify all the problems and what could possibly be a way out, ranging from mapping the area and everything that is economic activities, We then set up a group that I expect to be a long-sleeved donors and governments in particular to bridge the technology transfer from manual to the few who use the machine even though it is a very simple tool.and we had to find a lot of information about the existence of such tools which will probably be very useful for use in a particular area, for example, we’ve found a case where the clean water needs of the region is quite difficult, but on the other hand there is a source terntyata water quality is quite good, but it turns out that the source is under the valley from the village and hamlet communities logically raise the water without diesel is something that is very difficult when in fact it is not so, the first can be a way to make the propeller to lift water from the bottom like the pump work, The second can be a way to wear hydraulic pump without the fuel of fact there are many more that could be exemplified but some examples may be able to represent the others.But the current focus of the program is actually “POSYANTEK” is to provide understanding of the use of appropriate technology which is cheap and easy to the people residing in rural areas. remember this is the source of the countryside than in urban forces with his produce, but we also wish that people in rural areas should be able to process the results of field so that the established economic level. not a secret when abundant harvest farm products prices will decline and this is the challenge, we’ve never had a case where a farmer harvesting his tomatoes are reluctant because it is below the current price per 1 kilo fairness fifty dollars when the general price alone should be a thousand dollars. This is certainly a very terrible case in my opinion, and with a little touch of food processing technology, for example, let’s say tomato unsold will be back up another package price however is certainly, Our experience is the tomato was made ​​into palm through the fermentation process is very simple.This is actually a challenge that we as young people, and of course, without the support of various parties or programs like this dream will not be realized. We believe that when there are economic problems in the undercurrent is resolved hence, the country will soon rise in the national and international economy and the Revival of the simple things. Technology is categorized two things, the first is the engine and the second is the processing of agricultural products and packaging design, how do we package that is the subject of a price of a product.This is what should be made aware to the community at the village level. (tegelinang 2013)20081010212


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