If we talk about love we would go directly to a human couple who mutually attracted to one another, This is a perception that a verbal and certainly among teenagers in love is like that in his understanding. Though love actually has a very deep and would require a lengthy process in understanding the essence. Now if we look back on our history and reflect the love of life that is more universal then we will see that love is mostly just fester and settles in around the group or community, we seldom see a love that is not shackled passion and desire, pure love that we can give to life and this world. love is contaminated by short-term interests and not want to present the truth of love in our midst,love is contaminated by short-term interests and not want to present the truth of love in our midst, In the midst of this search came the true nature of love or the people who know the essence of human love where it is, like the Buddha as, with all his willingness thrown out of normal life and trying to hone their creativity and then search for love and follow the direction it took. I am not a Buddhist, but I am a little studied theology that attracted me a lot and hope that we can take a lesson from a trip to a Buddhist towards perfection called love. On many occasion the buddha always give advice-petuahnya to his disciples so that always loves all creatures who exist in the this world if want achieve the happiness supreme or nibbana, through an air he spells his magic prayer “satta sabbe bhavantu sukittata” or may all beings live in peace, all creatures said the buddha and not just their group.A doctrine which I like most of the buddha in belaiu implement its speech is a culture that is named “Fang Shen” where in any given situation fang shen are a solution to overcome the state of our ecosystem is damaged here and there, such as illegal logging, searching fish by using chemical drugs to the population and hunting animals to extinction, is not this all is the basis of a loss of our ecosystems?. Let us consider again the fate of our beloved earth, let us contemplate the fate of our children and future generations, what would we inherited and we have given to them if we still do not care about our environment and the world just for the sake of a wad of money we spent with something that is actually useless? This is the true form of a creature called love, who started crying through the hands of poets and environmentalists who with his gravelly voice said gently, and only a few people who can hear but not paralyzed by them the world is corrupt. Teachings of the great, but in vain if there is no real action and we as humans have dominion over the world increasingly voracious devouring without us ever realizing how important it is for all living creatures are among us. Let us ponder together, understand, carry out and bring love to the rest of the world because love will illuminate the hearts and lives of this world towards perfection. (tegelinang 2013)LOVE


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