Moroseneng2In June 2013, precisely on Saturday 29th back in my village is Tamanagung, Muntilan district, Magelang regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia, will host disaster simulation in order to live in harmony with the disaster.As is well known in the year 2010 Mount Merapi erupted with very explosive and cause many casualties and property then in 2011-2012 in one after another with lava flood rains also damage the existing infrastructure, including hundreds of houses that are in the river that empties into the peak of Merapi and also loss of life. Through some investigation and observation turns out many casualties it is due to lack pahamnya the villagers living on the slopes of Mount Merapi, and also because of the lack of supporting information systems. Government as having responsibilities then answer it by organizing and holding various events and the anticipation of disaster management in addition to promote and facilitate in getting the latest information about the current state of the status of the volcano, With the help of various volunteer organizations such as PASAG Merapi, TAGANA and disaster relief organizations, and measured them with enthusiasm and has conducted trainings to make contingency plans and standard operating procedures, it is very important because with the increasing public understanding of the importance of it as well community capacity will be built. In the intensity of the program run the government must also have a sister program is the flagship program of the village in this case to further organize the refugees if a disaster such as occurred last year. Sister village programs that define the village on the slopes of Merapi to where they would be displaced if the eruption of Mount Merapi and anyone who should get the information quickly, accurately and measured about the current status of Mount Merapi. and the one that became the pilot village and Village Ngargo mulyo Tamanagung, Ngargo Mulyo village itself is located in a disaster-prone region III is an area that is very dangerous because if the eruption occurred in the region will lunge with primary hazards such as heat and toxic gas clouds than material of bursts mountain. While the village buffer Tamanagung is situated – + 32 Km from the summit of Merapi which is often called the disaster prone areas I. For more internalized in the handling of the disaster, the two villages that will perform a disaster simulation in fasilitatori by PSMB-UPN Yogyakarta, a disaster management agency and study at the university yogyakarta Yogyakarta National Development University in collaboration with government agencies that specifically deal about the disaster that is BPBD Magelang is fully supported by the institution Nasionan Scale disaster Management and also BPPTK the Hall probe and development volcano Yogyakarta. The hope is that this move can hopefully serve as a model for disaster management in Indonesia and of course I hope the public is increasingly aware of the disaster that was in the area but they were able to live in harmony with the disaster itself. (Tegelinang 2013)





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