R.SholihinThe poor must be faced on some social issues, especially concerning daily life and human interaction to the general, how they should always accept decisions and policies made by the government, especially local or tribal chief that the policy even less favorable their position.This is less problematic in the notice and most of the poor was in silent voice at meetings involving their existence or even if there are able to issue its opinion, of course, this opinion will not be used or even put in a serious discussion. Recently as an observer of social and environmental issues I was invited to a meeting at the village level where the meeting is to discuss about a program of the government in the form of cash transfers to the public because the government raised fuel prices or compensation of fuel price hike the, turned out at the meeting was only attended by a few leaders of households that in fact not from the poor. The meeting discussed a number of issues about the delivery of cash assistance from the government that goes into all of the hamlet in my village, in this case probably because it was felt by the village head that help the less wear to the category of the poor and even those who are actually poor do not even get help compensate . In this case, as head of the hamlet had to be able to accommodate some of the elders of the opinion that everything can run a conducive and without any protest of the poor who do not or have not received the government assistance, but I’m very sorry this is why the poor are set out in the government’s subpoena recipient compensatory increase in fuel prices is not at the meeting and engage in a more disheartening is the unilateral decision of the head of the village to cut a few percent of the cash assistance the reason will be given to those who should receive similar assistance but do not get or do not get it. A little secret that readers should know that the poor are the beneficiaries get help in just 6 months and taken on three stages, each stage in the form of accumulation of 2 months which means they get the assistance for 3 X. In one decision they earn cash RP. 300,000.00, equivalent to USD 30, or they are specific they get help around USD 15 in one month. Actually help stimulant sebesaritu only been absent on the logic given the consequences of rising fuel prices are rising in line all food prices and the poor once again become victims of government policy. I then asked some questions to the head of the hamlet including “Have A village chief have data at the level of the poor Hamlet?, And whether cutting a few percent is able to solve problems and not even cause a few problems again?. Then the government would not also receive input from the public about the program that is to receive a new proposal on the receiver? , As the head of the village should be followed by a pro-active stance rather than solving the problems society by creating new problems. Assertion and guardianship forms are necessary and actually a word will be able to defuse social unrest if the words are exact and delivered with a vengeance than full guardianship wrapped in beauty and the fate of other people’s thinking. I did not have the right and not the capacity to decide the results and conclusions on the actions and policies of the meeting that night, but I hope that in the future the pamangku power at any level would want to hear the voice of the community and involve the bottom at each meeting to discuss their fate, the average people who are members of society are not well off financially. (tegelinang 2013)



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